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Ways to Travel on a Budget and Still Have a Great Time

People love to travel but with the recent recession a lot of vacationers have given up their yearly trips because of costs. It is possible to travel without spending a lot of money if you know the secrets. There are a lot of ways to travel on a budget and still have a great vacation.

Traveling cheaply can be done in even the worst economy. If you know how to cut costs on the more expensive parts of the trip, you can get more bang for your buck. Here are some ways to travel on a budget and save money:

Travel: By air or by train.
If you are traveling overseas you will need some cheap airline tickets. Book your tickets early to get the best deals. Booking 14 days in advance can cut your tickets costs quite a bit. Pick smaller airports to fly into and take the bus or the train to your destination.

Another budget travel idea is to fly as a courier. This is a legitimate way to get a reduced ticket. Prices are reduced by as much as 50% off the regular price. The requirements to get a ticket this way are: apply for a courier position and be flexible to travel whenever needed. You can take one piece of luggage as a carry on, as the cargo (packages) you are carrying takes the place of the second piece of allowable luggage. You are never transporting anything illegal. These are usually things that are shipped airmail that need confirmation of delivery.

The cheapest places to stay are in hostels or with a member of a home exchange program. Youth hostels are located in cities all over the world and are much cheaper than hotels. If you are traveling with a friend you can get a single room that has two beds and the price is divided two. If you will be traveling alone, you may want to just book a bed in one of the dorm rooms.

A home exchange program is where two parties exchange homes for a designated period of time. The cost is free and may include use of a car or washer and dryer during your stay. Some other options include couch surfing or renting a room in a private home.

The best way to save money on meals is to purchase food from a grocery store near your hostel. You could budget for one restaurant meal a day, and make your meals the rest of the day. Buy breakfast foods and snacks from the store and keep it in your room or in your backpack. Some hostels include a free breakfast of coffee and rolls, you could ask around for some inexpensive places to get a good meal for lunch, and make your own dinner in your room. A can of soup and a pre-made sandwich from the grocery store make a quick dinner. You can add a piece of fruit and a drink for a complete meal. Crackers and cheese or peanut butter are good for a late night snack.

Places to see:
Museums and libraries offer free admission. Take a walk and see the sights. Walking is the cheapest way to get around town. Some places rent bicycles by the hour as an alternative to pounding the pavement. Another option is public transportation. Taxis are expensive and you risk getting ripped off if you do not know the way to where you are going. Unscrupulous taxi drivers make money off of unsuspecting tourists by taking the long way around to squeeze a few more bucks from their fares.

When looking for souvenirs stay away from the gift shops. These are often way overpriced. Take the bus or train to a good shopping area and check out their stores for t-shirts and coffee mugs and other must-haves. Shopping malls and discount stores are good places to pick up affordable gifts to take back home.

Now you know the secrets to traveling cheaply. Practice these ways to travel on a budget and you will save money and never pay full price again.

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