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Buy Cheap Airline Tickets to Vatican City, Rome Italy

Vatican City, Rome Italy

The Vatican city is the smallest municipality in the world. It is located in the heart of Rome, Italy but, it has a government and stamp all to its own. The Vatican is watched over by the Swiss guards who promise to remain neutral in their colorful and traditional garb. The Vatican is the seat of the Catholic Church and home the its head, the Pope. Those who visit the Vatican come for many different reasons from the religious to the curious who wish to see the many artifacts and pieces of art work from antiquity to the renaissance that are on display in the Museum of the Vatican.

St. Peter’s Square is the centerpiece of the Vatican and its church. It is here where it is believed St. Peter was given the key to Heaven by God and it is where millions of pilgrams visit every year who practice the religion. However, the crowning glory of the Vatican lies within the Sistine Chapel. The masterpiece of Da Vinci, the ceiling is an homage to the creation of man and the deep political intrigue of a the artist himself. Words can hardly descrbie the sight to behold in Rome as it is nothing less then magnificent. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is incredible and full of color as you follow the scenes with in the Vatican City.

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