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Buy Cheap Airline Tickets to Valley Of The Kings, Egypt

Valley Of The Kings, Egypt

The Valley of the Kings is a narrow gorge on the west bank of the Nile River that was used as a burial ground by pharaohs of ancient Egypt between 1550 and 1100 B.C. This rocky area is located across the river from the famous ancient city of Luxor. The kings are buried in tombs cut into the rock and linked by a series of interconnected chambers and corridors. The tombs of 60 kings have been found in the area. That is why it is known as the Valley of the Kings.

Inside the tombs are fascinating. The walls are covered with religious scenes. Some are carved and others are painted onto the walls. The art shows scenes of the king in the afterlife interacting. There are also numerous religious texts written in hieroglyphics covering the walls. They include prayers and incantations to help the king on his journey to the other side.

Visitors to the Valley of the Kings in Egypt are transported back in time. As you walk into the tombs you find yourself surrounded by the world of the ancients. Anubis, the dog headed god of the underworld, and all the other gods of ancient Egypt seem to come to life. The vibrant colors, the unusual artistic style, the presence of the sarcophagi with their mummified remains, they all combine to create an otherworldly feeling. Time stands still. Listen closely and you can hear the voices of the ancient pharaohs echoing through the Valley of the Kings.

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