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Traveling on a budget

Traveling on a budget can be tricky but it is very possible. The key to saving money while traveling is planning ahead. With careful planning a budget vacation can be the best vacation you have ever had.

If you are traveling within a reasonable distance, taking your own car is the best money saving tip that there is. Gasoline is expensive, but this translates to higher fuel prices in planes as well and makes driving yourself much less expensive. Taking a train or bus is another option, but you will not have the flexibility that you have when you drive your own car. Driving your own car will also save you the expense of a rental once you reach your destination.

Taking along your own food and beverages is a huge money saver. You are limited in your options as you do not want foods to spoil, but taking your own food can save hundreds of dollars. Keeping a cooler full of beverages will save a lot of money as well. This will save you from buying a soda at every stop.
Booking your hotels ahead of time can save you money; however it will give you a lot less flexibility. Alternatively, if traveling by your own vehicle you could consider buying a traveling camper. Campgrounds are much cheaper than hotel rooms and can be a lot more exciting. Traveling with a camper offers you a lot more flexibility too.

Traveling in the off season is a great way to travel on a budget. Vacation packages will also save you money and are much cheaper in the off season as well. Another advantage to this is that there will be fewer people at your destination. Some destinations such as Hawaii are beautiful year round, but you will find far less vacationers in November than you would in June.

There is also the option of doing a volunteer vacation. Many organizations offer food, board and activities in return for a few hours of work each day. It can be exciting to know that you are lending a helping hand while taking a break from your everyday life.

As long as you remain flexible, traveling on a budget can be fun and even easy!

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