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Buy Cheap Airline Tickets to Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada

Toronto is Canada’s largest city and economic center. Located on the northwest shore of Lake Ontario, it has been a center of commerce and trade in Canada since its modern-day founding by British settlers in the mid 18th Century.

Since then, Toronto has flourished to become not only Canada’s most populous city with well over 5 million residents, but also a cultural center to a mostly immigrant population in the 21st Century. Thanks in large part to its diversity and cultural heritage, Toronto has become a tourist destination for many from around the globe. International events such as the world renown Toronto Film Festival draws attendees topping a quarter million each September.

The CN Tower, formerly the world’s largest tower, sits in the heart of downtown Toronto overlooking its financial quarters and made easily accessible by way of a mass transit system that’s second to none in all of North America, with buses, subway, and street cars leading the way through Toronto’s streets and outlining neighborhoods.

Toronto’s success in modern development while maintaining a rich cultural identity for many diverse groups has resulted in Toronto becoming the most popular destination for Canadians, as well as a huge draw for foreign visitors every year seeking both business and pleasure.

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