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San Francisco, California

If you like walking, enjoy doing so down the curviest street in the world, Lombard Street, located in San Francisco. I recently drove there based solely on curiosity of a city with much hype and surely was not disappointed with my visit. I have traveled through forty-one states, visiting many largely populated cities stricken with culture but most of all, this city stood out vividly. Entering the city from the Golden Gate Bridge was breath-taking to say the least.

We literally seemed to be in Heaven as clouds lowered and surrounded us on the bridge. In the distance was an isolated island known as Alcatraz, notoriously a former prison convicts feared to escape. The city features beautiful weather both day and night, bleach-white buildings, and an amazing atmosphere so energized by the array of people the city attracts.

You’re bound to find someone or something you admire in this city. Although the seafood, is the talk of the town, my personal favorite was a simple sandwich on San Francisco’s finest; sourdough bread. This place pops loud with color thanks to its geography, housing, fine dining, but mostly the acceptance of just about anything which adds a unique blend of local flavor and worldly culture.

Many people, like my father, couldn’t live here because of the politics and outspoken individuals but everyone will agree it makes for an amazing vacation whether business or pleasure. My advice is to never let a San Francisco opportunity pass you by and you’ll be astonished.

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