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Rome, Italy

Rome is Italy’s largest city. It is also the capital city of the country. Rome is known for its many architectural structures and other tourist attrations. The Coliseum is the largest stadium-like structure in Rome, Italy. In fact, it was the largest built in the Roman empire. Another famous architectural structure is the aqueducts. Other structures include the Baths of Caracalla, the basilicas, the Pantheon, and, the Baths of Diocletian.

There are also numerous parks, gardens, and fountains in Rome. The second largest garden in Rome is the Villa Borghese. The largest garden is Villa Ada. The history of these places will amaze any tourist. For example, the Villa Ada was named after Count Tellfner of Switzerland’s wife. Built in the seventeenth century, the Villa Doria Pamphili is the largest landscaped park in all of Rome.

Statues are another piece of history that Rome is known for. One famous piece of artwork, is the six talking status. In addition, there is also statues by other artists such as Ponte Sant’Angelo. Piazza del popolo is another example of a famous sculpture that is located within the city.

In addition, there are numerous bridges and other landmarks. However, nothing is as breathtaking as the view of the rivers or the beautiful cathedrals. Some of these cathedrals include the Albano Cathedral, the Civitavecchia Cathedral, and the Tivoli Cathedral. In addition, the Sistine Chapel located in the Vatican City is only about 4.4 kilometers from Rome. It is about a 15 minute car trip.

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