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Buy Cheap Airline Tickets to Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

A distant land alive with centuries of history and straddling the Vlatva River Prague is a cultural destination of centuries of history of the Slavic people. Home of Dukes and Kings, this city of approximately 1.3 million people is an architectural wonderland with Prague Castle its’ main gift to tourist’s who seek a bit of the ancient.

With architecture from the Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic, Neo Classical and ultra modern era’s, like the Astronomical clock building or the Milunic and Gehry’s “Dancing House”, an amazing modern feat in architecture. The cultural and tourist spots range from the Petrin rozhledna, an observation tower resembling the Eiffel Tower, the Prague Zoo, ranked top 7th in the world by Forbes Magazine or the opera houses, orchestra theaters and museums. Dining too is a feast of culture and an exquisite experience.

This ancient city was home to two Holy Roman Emperors. For many years during the Gothic and Renaissance period it was the capitol of the Holy Roman Empire. It is on the list of World Heritage sites and has an annual tourism rate of approximately 4.1 million visitors annually. Multiple bridges enter the city limits all running parallel to each other giving it the feel of welcoming. Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, it has become the sixth most popular European city to visit. From sunrise to sunset this ancient city offers a vacation destination filled with antiquity and a preserved sense of character and history seen in few abundant cities as diverse as the city of Prague.

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