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Covering slightly above 300 kilometers squared, Malta is one of the smallest countries in the world yet one of the most densely inhabited. The government of island this country has invested heavily in tourism since it is one of the key pillars in the country’s economy. Due to the heavy investment by the government, you can bet that all the tourist attraction sites are worth seeing. Regardless of your age and preference as far as sight seeing is concerned, there is something that will appeal to you.

To the history savvy, Malta has rich history which dates back many centuries. One of the major tourist attraction sites is the catacombs. These are series of cemeteries that were in use many centuries ago and which are still existence to date. You will be amazed at the preservation of the culture and traditions among the people in this region.

If you are not able to traverse the country due to limitation of time, at least make sure to see the architecture that is characteristic of the capital city of Malta. The city has been named a world heritage site mainly because of the historical buildings that are part of the city. You will find the attractive and beautiful patterns with which the buildings are constructed quite intriguing.

A vacation in Malta will not be complete without paying a visit to the relaxing beaches. It is at these beaches with cool breezes that you will get to relax and enjoy the clean fresh air away from the bustles of the city life. A holiday in Malta is for one with a knack for history and relaxation at the same time.

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