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London, England

There are many reasons that a person would wish to take a trip to London, England. Not only is this one of the most historically important places in that area, but it is also a widely well-known place all over the world. For anybody who is interested in history this is one of the best places that a trip can possibly be taken to. There are many wonderful monuments and places to visit and learn from.

One of the most historical places to take a trip to would be the Buckingham Palace. This Palace signifies both the royalty of England, as well as much of the history of the country. There are many opportunities to meet people who work there and find out more information about the surrounding area.

Other beautiful and interesting places to take a trip to in London, England are the beautiful Tower Bridge, the London Eye, and the ever important Houses of Parliament. There is a chance for a wide variety of activities to be had in this city as it is the hub of art and entertainment for the entire area, making it a large tourist attraction.

Many people visit London to take in the beauty of a country without feeling obligated to act a certain way, or be in fear of judgment. In other words, they can go here and feel free. Due to the large amount of wonderful things in its history this country is very open and accepting. Travel here is an experience that will not soon be forgotten.

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