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Buy Cheap Airline Tickets to Lake District, England

Lake District, England

When we think of England, we think royal castles, rolling hills, quaint villages, breathtaking oceanside cottages and of course London. We think of England’s long history, and of afternoon English Tea. We might even think of all of Great Britain, Scotland and Wales. But hidden like a secret in England lies an amazing place called the Lake District or Lakelands, England. Believe it or not it is a Mountainous region in Northwest England.

Its splendor has been written of by 19th century poet William Wadsworth and a group of poets in England during the Romance period of the early 19th century known as “The Lake Poets”, all of whom as their namesake suggests lived in the Lake District and focused much of their distinguished writings with the incredible landscape. Even historical playwright, poet and novelist Sir Walter Scott wrote of its magnificence. It is also associated with the inspiration of the famed Beatrix Potter.

So why does it seem it is a tucked little English secret? Well it is! The Lake District is home to the largest National Park in all of the England and Wales and the second largest in the UK. Pristine lakes and majestic mountains abound in this untouched land of natural wonders. With nearly 90 lakes in the region 20 of them major lakes it is a wonder beyond compare nestled in the Crumbrian Mountains. The twenty five highest peaks in the region range from 3,200 feet above sea level to 2,700 feet above sea level. Boasting over 14 million visitor’s annually it seems like a deluge of people, yet they are really just a drop in the endless landscape of the 214 Peaks and 90 lakes that create this blissful serene vacation spot known as the Lake District.

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