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Buy Cheap Airline Tickets to Giza, Egypt

Giza, Egypt

The river Nile in Egypt is fascinating and when this is combined with the Pyramids of Giza just within a walking distance, then your holiday here is perfectly sorted.

The world over, the one thing that comes to mind when the term Giza is mentioned is the pyramids and the sphinx that have held the human race in awe for thousands of years. Giza is approximately 20 kilometers from the capital city of Egypt, Cairo, and even though it is surrounded by the harsh desert climate it is an astonishingly beautiful city.

Under the Pharaoh Narmer, Giza was the capital city of the nation and although this was later moved to Memphis, the region has continued to experience a steady population growth over the centuries. For the first time tourist into the area, the presence of a railway and subway system should prove effective for movement from one place to the other.

While in Giza, other than the pyramids there are other attractions within the region and one of the lesser known places is the Giza Zoo. This is home to a variety of animals including giraffes and hippos that have become extinct in North Africa. The other must-see within this region is the Al Orman Park. Whereas the former mainly deals with fauna from across the globe, the latter is a botanical garden established in 1857.

Last but not least, before the tour of Giza can come to a swift conclusion, the Sound and Light show that uses the pyramids and sphinx as the back drop is another definite must-see.

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