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Things to Bring on a Short Flight

Toothbrush, deodorant, food, water, change of clothes, your ticket, a backpack, rain poncho or jacket, something to keep entertained, a flight pillow, headphones, portable tv or audio device.

Save Money on Meals When You travel

Everybody needs to cut back now and again, but nobody wants to give up their well-earned vacation time and chance to get away. And if you’re finding the money a bit tight this year, there are some surefire ways to cut back on your travel expenses and still have the time of your life. Outside […]

Traveling for Less

There’s no time like the present to see the world, or at least as much of the world as you can possible afford. Travelling is one of those experiences in life that can be first class and costly or somewhat scaled down and reasonably priced. There are many cost cutting measures to consider that will […]

How to Save Money While Traveling

There are ways to travel on a budget for those who want to save money while traveling. Money can be saved on expenses associated with traveling. Different ways of traveling to one’s destination can be compared to see which one is the most cost effective. Flying, driving one’s own car, driving a rental car, and […]

Traveling on a budget

Traveling on a budget can be tricky but it is very possible. The key to saving money while traveling is planning ahead. With careful planning a budget vacation can be the best vacation you have ever had. If you are traveling within a reasonable distance, taking your own car is the best money saving tip […]

Ways to Travel on a Budget

Travelers have many options when it comes to saving money. Whether you’re going by car, plane, bus, or train, you can have an exciting, memorable experience while traveling on a budget. Since it can be one of the biggest expenses on your trip, plan well for your transportation. If you have plenty of time to […]

Ways to Travel on a Budget and Still Have a Great Time

People love to travel but with the recent recession a lot of vacationers have given up their yearly trips because of costs. It is possible to travel without spending a lot of money if you know the secrets. There are a lot of ways to travel on a budget and still have a great vacation. […]

Budget-wise Traveling

Traveling on a budget is something that many people strive for. While it is not cheap to take a family away on a week-long vacation, there are quite a few ideas for staying on budget. Your Vacation Destination Consider where you would like to vacation. There are some vacation spots that are relatively cheaper than […]

Ways to Pinch the Pennies While on Vacation

If you are getting ready to go on vacation, but you’re pockets are feeling a little bare and you’re looking for ways to cut down on vacation expenses that can often times be painfully steep, don’t fret. Even though it may seem like a difficult task to pull of, there really are ways to lessen […]

5 Tips to help you make sense of your cents: Being a penny-wise traveler.

In a down economy, people are seeking ways to make their dollar stretch a little further. So how can you make more sense of your cents? Here are 5 tips you can follow to save money when traveling. Tip #5 – Food. Lower that expensive taste of yours! Those taste buds can really cost a […]