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Barbados, Caribbean

Barbados, Carribean is a romantic island getaway. This island has so much to offer for the tourist. What attracts so many tourist is the warm, sunny weather of the morning, and then the coolness to the evening. If you are a water lover try swimming, snorkeling, or just bathing out in the water. At Barbados, […]

Cayman Islands, Caribbean

The Cayman Islands are located in the Western Caribbean and are made up of three islands, Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Grand Cayman is by far the largest and most populated. A main attraction for the tourists are the many duty-free shops selling china, watches, perfume, crystal and fine jewerly. Head over to […]

Florida Keys, Florida

Florida Keys, USA is the ticket to paradise. With that beautiful turquoise water all around, blue skies, and that tropical breeze who wouldn’t call that paradise. People go the the Keys for snorkeling, swimming, fishing, parasailing, or just that getaway. With sunset cruises for the romantic, to fishing for the men, and swimming with the […]

Antigua and Barbuda, Caribbean

Just a jaunt off the Florida coast is a tropical paradise known as Antigua and Barbuda, in the Caribbean. Just a four hour flight from Florida it’s an easy trip. With a coastline of white and pink sandy beaches, this beautiful set of islands is just beckoning visitors. It’s a lover’s paradise, and a snorkeling […]

Key West, Florida

Enjoying the title of Southernmost Point in the Continential United States, Key West is truly a tropical paradise. If the water is what you desire there is everything here you can possibly imagine. Charter a boat and experience some of the best saltwater fishing there is or watch the dolphins play while you sit back […]

Bahamas, Caribbean

Not far off the coast of Florida lie’s a quaint string of tropical islands with white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters known as the Bahamas. Known as a lover’s paradise, a quiet retreat, or a family fun destination this travel spot abounds with endless possibilities. With over 700 islands and Cays and 2,387 […]