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Singapore, Asia

Singapore, Asia is a travel destination that will leave you breathless. Singapore is located on the tip of the Malay Peninsula and one of the world’s leading financial center. In the beautiful city one will find an abundance of shopping for all tastes and budgets. From the designer boutiques to the bargain shops located all […]


Maldives, Asia is a group of chain islands located in the Indian Ocean. Maldives, officially known as the Republic of Maldives, is a tropical paradise. With its deep blue oceans, sandy white beaches, clear skies and palm trees, one cannot help but feel like they have arrived in paradise. There are 97 different resort islands […]

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand has been a hotspot for tourist for many years. With its shopping heaven, amazing landscape and architectural designs, cultural diverse night life and magnificent temples, it is no wonder Bangkok is considered a tourists paradise. With over 100 different temples to visit, it will be hard to see them all. The most scared […]

Bali, Indonesia

If you are looking for a magical spot for your next vacation then look no further than Bali. Bali is located in the Indonesian Islands, and while Bali may be small in size it features many activities and sights for you to see and explore. The entire island of Bali, which is located 8 degrees […]

Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui, Thailand is an island off of the coast of Thailand. The main reason that people visit Koh Samui is for the beaches. Chaweng Beach is the most popular and most visited beach on the island. The beach is a rather large tourist stop. It is filled with hotels, bars, and shops. It is […]

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is a city where new western traditonsare begining to arise of the Middle East. The citry is a haven for the majority of the muslim population but, it is also becoming a haven for the rich and famous. Dubai has established itself among the fierce competiton to be one the hot spot destinations in […]

Amritsar, India

Amritsar, India has a great deal of beauty to offer any tourist. Amritsar is known as the “golden city”. Its literal translation is the holy pool of nectar. It is located in the state of Punjab. Punjab means five rivers in Persian. Amritsar is heavily populated with about one million people within the city. The […]

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, China gives you a quintessential experience of delicious cuisines, unique city nightlife and endless shopping that will take your breath away. You should however save some time as there is more to it than meets the eye. Victoria peak gives you a chance to check out beautiful scenes of endless skyscrapers and mountains. […]

Agra, India

Each year, millions of visitors are drawn to Agra, India, home of the famed Taj Mahal, as well as the Agra Fort and the abandoned ancient city of Fatehpur Sikri. Emperor Shah Jahan had the Taj Mahal built in honor of his wife, Mumtaz, whom he loved passionately and mourned deeply. For this reason it […]

Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is the number one tourist attraction in China. It can even be seen from the moon! The Great Wall is a great place to hike. You will get a good feel for the ancient culture of China. The wall ranges in difficulty. The part of the wall located in Beijing […]

Auckland, New Zealand

Imagine being in a city where you can get to everything with a half hour. It is one of a few cities that have harbours on two sperate bodies of water. Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand and is known as the “City of Sails” because of the number of yachts dotting the […]