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Budget-wise Traveling

Traveling on a budget is something that many people strive for. While it is not cheap to take a family away on a week-long vacation, there are quite a few ideas for staying on budget.

Your Vacation Destination

Consider where you would like to vacation. There are some vacation spots that are relatively cheaper than others. Staying closer to home allows one to drive to their destination, which can be a real money saver. Renting a cabin for a week long camping trip at a national park is considerably cheaper than flying to Disney World for the week.

To Fly or Not To Fly

If you decide to fly, there are some things to consider. Flying during major holidays is more expensive than flying during normal times throughout the year. Pick a date that doesn’t surround a holiday. How many people are going on the trip? It may be feasible to fly with a family of three but costly for a family of five. Estimate gas prices to determine if driving a large family would be cheaper than flying. It is important to be aware that by doing this, you may have to cut your actual vacation time down due to travel time.

Simplify Your Lodging and Dining

When striving to maintain a vacation budget, there is always lodging accommodations to consider. Fancy hotels with all the amenities can be quite expensive. Try downscaling to someplace smaller and cheaper. If one looks around and compares prices, there are many vacation houses available, including some with pools, which are cheaper than staying in an expensive hotel. If a hotel is your desire, then look for ones which offer a complimentary breakfast or free shuttle service to nearby attractions.

Dining happens to be one of the biggest means of spending money while on vacation. Consider packing snacks and drinks to take along in the car to avoid the ‘I’m hungry’ woes. Choose restaurants that are less expensive and cater more towards families. Some restaurants will let children share a meal rather than having to buy 2 full meals, cutting down on expense.

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