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Buy Cheap Airline Tickets to Algarve, Portugal

Algarve, Portugal

Located in the southern most tip of Portugal, Algarve is Europe’s sunniest destination. This year round paradise beckons people from across Europe and the globe. They flock here by the millions each year to wade in the miles of Mediterranean waters, and stroll miles of sandy beaches. Spas and luxury hotels abound, and golf enthusiasts have found a great European getaway here. Whether you want to liven it up in the casino, surf, sail or sun-bathe, Algarve is an exotic travel destination sure to fulfill your desires. The colorful coastline has water so clear you can see the ocean floor perfectly on that afternoon boat ride. Tours will take your breath away with giant rock formations graced with an abundance of wildflowers.

In the spring you can smell the orange blossoms and watch the orchids start to bloom. Traveling in the foothills will lead you to the mountainous area of Monchique where layers of Roman terraces with granite stone walls are the fertile soils that provide the stream of local vegetables. If you are wanting to feel the flare of staying in the local villages, you need only to taste the abundant sweet produce of figs, melons, grapes almonds and cherries which are the local harvest pride topped only by the famous orange groves, a harvest that last’s much of the year.

The scenery is so majestic, painters, photographers, nature enthusiasts and hikers. It is a welcome spot for families, with theme parks and water parks, zoos and horseback riding. Much of the land is still untouched, and it can make you feel all the abundant beauty of nature with all the exotic culture of Portugal.

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