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Buy Cheap Airline Tickets to Aberdare National Park, Kenya

Aberdare National Park, Kenya

Kenya is home to some of the most remarkable national parks worldwide. When taking a holiday in Kenya, you do not want to miss a visit to the Aberdare National Park.

This national park is situated in central Kenya. It offers magnificent scenery along with plenty of wildlife. The game to be found here includes lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards and various types of antelopes including the elusive bongo antelope. This park has the largest population of black rhinos and it is a home to over two hundred and fifty species of birds.

If you are a landscape lover, Aberdare National Park should top the list of your next travel destination. You will enjoy viewing spectacular mountains like Table Mountains, Twin Hills, Elephant Hills, Kinangop Peak, Lesatima Peak and take walks in the moorlands. You will enjoy beautiful waterfalls, caves and streams or rivers.

You will find the world famous tree house hotels in the park, with the rooms and walkways of these hotels raised into the forest canopy. They are wonderfully positioned beside natural salt licks and water holes thus giving you an opportunity to see animals from the most unique vantage point. You can stay up all night to catch sighting of animals and if you happen to fell asleep, the rooms have a bell system to wake you up when a good sighting arises. There is also a viewing hide which is dug below ground so close to the waterhole that you can almost touch the animals.

A Kenya safari holiday will not be complete if you do not visit Aberdare National Park.

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