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5 Tips to help you make sense of your cents: Being a penny-wise traveler.

In a down economy, people are seeking ways to make their dollar stretch a little further. So how can you make more sense of your cents? Here are 5 tips you can follow to save money when traveling.

Tip #5 – Food. Lower that expensive taste of yours! Those taste buds can really cost a lot by the end of a trip if you’re constantly dining out. Invest into PB&J, and your wallet will thank you in the end. It’s incredible how affordable everything else becomes just by watching how much money you invest into your stomach.

Tip #4 – Transportation. If flying, do more research prior to purchasing tickets. Be flexible with the flight dates, times, and even seats. The Internet is a wonderful tool – use it! There is money to be saved, and the only thing it will cost is time. If driving your car, take one with better gas mileage. If renting a car, settle for the economy car instead of the SUV.

Tip #3 – Lodging. Once again, research is paramount. Also, decide how crucial it is for you to stay in a place that has every amenity imaginable, when in reality the only one you’ll take advantage of is the continental breakfast! Being content with less always saves a tremendous amount of money.

Tip #2 – Take pictures instead of buying souvenirs. Heck, take a picture of the souvenir, and let that be the souvenir! It will be funny, and certainly cheaper. What matters most is the memory anyway, right? Take a picture of you holding a $200 trinket, and print it for 20 cents. Do the math.

Tip #1 – Plan ahead. We all love random stops. After all, that makes traveling fun. However, too many unplanned stops can surely drain the piggy bank quickly. While planning ahead, remember to choose your travel buddies carefully. Bring a friend with expensive taste, and they’ll eat your budget right out from under you in no time. Guaranteed!

So go have fun. Be creative. Be frugal. Make sense of your cents, and be a penny-wise traveler!

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